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Velding Machine


Laser welding machine is widely used in the welding of stainless steel, iron, galvanized sheet, etc… Based on the advanced technology from UK, our laser welding machine over matches the traditional argon arc welding and stannum welding. The material to be welded have no color shade on the surface, and they are not easy to deform after the welding.

Main Advantages

  1. NO stains, no deformation, no need to polish;
  2. Firm and accurate welding make perfect effect;
  3. Easy to operate , 8-10 time quicker than traditional devices.
  4. No surface modification no high paid professional needed;even the unskilled worker can be qualified after short practice; the operating environment is comfortable;
  5. Imported laser tube from UK,Service time for 8 to 10 years,Stable performance ,Xenon lamp flashes more than 8 million times, continuous process is supported;
  6. The laser head can move up and down, and rotate and degrees; suitable to weld letters as high as 3 meters.
  7. Highly cost effective, easy maintenance, professional tarining is available.


High precision laser welding machine  applied for the welding of various metal letters, LED illuminated letters, Customized metal signage, Exterior billboard and metal support .


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